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0 544866 $1,385,000.00 MULT S1046433 DISCOVER THE ESSENCE OF UNDER CONTRACT! 343 Kestrel LANE,SILVERTHORNE Anne-Marie Ohly
1 543787 $798,000.00 COND S1046201 WELCOME TO YOUR DREAM UNDER CONTRACT! 21 Buffalo DRIVE,SILVERTHORNE Anne-Marie Ohly
2 560432 $625,000.00 SFH S1045031 WELCOME TO THIS SPACIOUS 282 GCR 10,KREMMLING Anne-Marie Ohly
3 561872 $650,000.00 SFH S1045032 COME SEE THIS SPACIOUS 538 GCR 1001,KREMMLING Anne-Marie Ohly
4 578251 $1,569,000.00 COND S1046312 WELCOME TO YOUR DREAM 84 Broken Lance DRIVE,BRECKENRIDGE Anne-Marie Ohly
11 574010 $389,000.00 COND S1044775 NESTLED IN DILLON VALLEY 1263 Straight Creek DRIVE,DILLON Anne-Marie Ohly